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Playback Theatre Master Class with Armand Volkas at the Expressive Therapies Summit

Saturday, April 9, 2022
10am – 5:30pm PST

Live online via Zoom at the
Expressive Therapies Summit

$150 Workshop Fee +
$10 Conference Registration Fee

Registration requires sign-up via

the EXA Summit website


Join Armand Volkas, MFT, RDT/BCT for this Playback Theatre master class at the Expressive Therapies Summit! This 6-hour class offers skill building for therapists and other professionals. Participants in this workshop will learn the foundations and subtleties of the Playback Theatre form and acquire or refine improvisation and acting skills, all in a playful and supportive atmosphere. Short and long-form Playback Theatre techniques will be taught. As participants share in the experience of hearing one another’s personal stories and bringing them to life, they will gain an understanding of how the Playback process helps us reconnect with our intuition and creativity, as well as hone communication skills–a playful and resilient response to our uncertain times.

No previous theatre experience required
Shy people are welcome!

About Playback Theatre

Playback Theatre is an improvisational format in which personal stories told by audience members are transformed into improvised theatre pieces, while supportive others bear witness. A story can be tragic or funny: a childhood memory, a current life dilemma, an anecdote from work or travel, or a vision of the future. The essence of a story is then “played back” by actors and musicians using spoken improvisation, movement, and music. Sometimes a story becomes a myth, sometimes a realistic enactment. Playback Theatre validates and illuminates personal experience. It enables participants to view their lives in new ways within a supportive environment and draws people closer as they recognize their common humanity.

First developed in 1975 by Jonathan Fox, Playback Theatre is now practiced around the world and can be applied in virtually any setting. Now used in over 60 countries as a therapeutic tool with applications in education, dialogue, conflict transformation, community building, and performance, Playback invites healing through the cultivation of spontaneity, creativity, playfulness, empathy, the capacity for deep listening, and teamwork. 

Armand Volkas, MFT, RDT/BCT
[email protected]
510.595.5500, ext. 11



Apr 09 2022


Pacific Standard Time (PST)
10:00 am - 5:30 pm




Living Arts Drama Therapy Institute


Zoom Online Class
Armand Volkas, LMFT, RDT/BCT


Armand Volkas, LMFT, RDT/BCT
(510) 595-5500, Ext 11
[email protected]

Armand Volkas is a psychotherapist, drama therapist and theatre director. He is Clinical Director of The Living Arts Counseling Center and Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology Drama Therapy Program at California Institute of Integral Studies. Armand is also Director of the Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble and founder of Healing the Wounds of History. Armand was born in France and immigrated to The United States as a child. He is the son of resistance fighters and survivors of Auschwitz. He was moved by his personal struggle with this legacy of historical trauma to address the issues that arose from it: issues around identity, victimization and perpetration, meaning and grief.

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