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Exploring Expressive Arts Therapy: A 4-Hour Introductory Workshop

Facilitated by Teresa Trout, AMFT, Expressive Arts Therapist

• Learn how to integrate an expressive arts approach into your life and work
• Rekindle your own creativity, spontaneity, and resourcefulness
• Explore your personal story through an embodied creative arts process

Experience firsthand the healing power of the arts!

Saturday, August 13, 2022
9am – 1 PST (4 hours)

Live Online via Zoom



Course fee can be counted towards our 45-Hour EXA Training
BIPOC Discount Available (Promo Code: BIPOC)

No previous arts experience required.
Shy individuals welcome!

Join us for beginning Expressive Arts Therapy Introductory Workshop! In this 4-hour workshop, we will use a variety of creative art methods to explore the arts as therapeutic tools.

What is Expressive Arts (EXA) Therapy?
Expressive Arts Therapy is an approach to counseling and group work that utilizes visual art, movement, music, writing, drama, and other forms of creative expression as a way to deepen self-exploration and understanding. Together, we will create a safe and supportive environment to try out new creative tools. The arts help give new shape to feelings for which there are often no words.

Who is this introductory workshop for? What can I expect?
This workshop is appropriate for all individuals ages 13 and older. Whether you’re an individual seeking more creativity in your life or a mental health professional wanting to integrate the creative arts into your practice, this workshop is for you. This workshop will be a process-oriented workshop intended to provide a hands-on experience of intermodal expressive arts.

Do I have to be good at art participate?
Absolutely not!! The process of integrating expressive arts into therapy is about process over product. We all have a natural capacity for creative expression. Together, we will unlock and harness that creative power for healing. The best way to understand Expressive Arts Therapy is to experience it firsthand. 


Teresa Trout, AMFT, Expressive Arts Therapist
[email protected]
510.595.5500, ext. 15



Aug 13 2022


Pacific Standard Time (PST)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm




Living Arts Drama Therapy Institute


Zoom Online Class
Teresa Trout, MA, AMFT


Teresa Trout, MA, AMFT
(510) 394-2965
[email protected]

Teresa Trout has worked in the mental health field for over 13 years, supporting a diverse range of youth and adults. She has experience working in schools, outpatient programs, recovery programs, and private practice. She has taught at schools, communities and at universities. She is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and Expressive Arts Therapist at the Living Arts Counseling Center. She has a B.A. in Visual Arts and M.A. in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy. As a psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist, she works with people of all backgrounds and lived experiences. She believes in the healing power of the arts and is passionate about teaching others how to integrate the creative arts into their healing work.

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