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Beyond Trauma: Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Facing their Legacy

A One-Day Drama & Expressive Arts Therapy Workshop

Facilitated by
Armand Volkas, LMFT, RDT/BCT &
Maggie Silverman, RSMT/E/RSDE

January 9, 2022
9am – 5pm PST
Online via Zoom

Descendants of Jewish Holocaust survivors are invited to share and explore the impact of our historical inheritance. Through experiential methods, expressive arts, and therapeutic processes, participants will give creative shape and meaning to their legacies. Through personal story-telling with other descendants of Holocaust survivors, we will illuminate, explore, celebrate and, where needed, transform the wounding impact of our histories. Honoring the lives of our ancestors, we will focus on the effects that our historical inheritance has had on our beliefs, bodies and spirits.

Healing the Wounds of History
Healing the Wounds of History (HWH) is a process in which experiential techniques are used to work with a group of participants who share a common legacy of historical trauma. Founded by Armand Volkas in 1989, HWH has received international recognition for bringing groups in conflict together: Germans and Jews; Turks and Armenians; Turks and Kurds; Palestinians and Israelis; Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, Tamil and Singhalese, to name a few.


Join us for this rare opportunity for healing work with other descendants of the Holocaust.
No previous theatre or art experience necessary. Shy people welcome!


Watch a video of Armand Volkas on Block 10 in Auschwitz 1995


Jan 09 2022


Pacific Standard Time
9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Healing the Wounds of History


Zoom Online Class
Armand Volkas, LMFT, RDT/BCT


Armand Volkas, LMFT, RDT/BCT
(510) 595-5500, Ext 11
[email protected]

Armand Volkas is a psychotherapist, drama therapist and theatre director. He is Clinical Director of The Living Arts Counseling Center and Associate Professor in the Counseling Psychology Drama Therapy Program at California Institute of Integral Studies. Armand is also Director of the Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble and founder of Healing the Wounds of History. Armand was born in France and immigrated to The United States as a child. He is the son of resistance fighters and survivors of Auschwitz. He was moved by his personal struggle with this legacy of historical trauma to address the issues that arose from it: issues around identity, victimization and perpetration, meaning and grief.


Maggie Silverman, RSMT/E/RSDE
Maggie Silverman, RSMT/E/RSDE
(510) 329-0487
[email protected]

Maggie Silverman is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator and Dance Educator, Certified Tamalpa Practitioner, Healing the Wounds of History Practitioner with over thirty years of facilitating workshops and classes. She is the founder of, The Talking Body, working with groups and individuals through therapeutic movement and expressive arts. Her workshops and classes have been taught at universities and organizations throughout the United States and around the world. She is a visual artist, director and producer of video and public art projects. Maggie’s work focuses on Identity and personal storytelling.

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